Twistlock Cyber Security


Twistlock is a cyber security program that runs entirely using cloud native technology. It completes forensic and support work 24/7 to always keep your data and your network safe from online intruders.


How does Twistlock work?

Twistlock works with any CI tool to scan all vulnerable parts of a network, far beyond what any traditional virus scan is capable of. Once you send your application to Twistlock, the company instantly learns everything it needs to know about your online activity and potential risks. Twistlock at Aquion is then constantly at work to promote appropriate and stable online activity and to fight against any malevolent online behavior that could otherwise put you or your business at risk.

How powerful is Twistlock against online threats?

Using cloud native firewalls, all applications you have running at any given time are monitored and checked for any potential risks of an attack against them. Nevertheless, it does not only secure whatever is open at a given time. It also adapts to all new potential threats to product you from next generation attacks. Its cloud native security ensures that as online attackers become more sophisticated in their efforts, the program will always adapt to those new needs that arise in order to fight whatever new threats begin to present themselves.

What makes Twistlock different from other online security tools?

Cyber security used to be very slow, always depending on a team to manually fix threats. The cloud technology that Twistlock uses, on the other hand, maximizes the speed at which your entire online environment is scanned, threats are detected and problems are removed. This ensures that software users can constantly be confident that their cyber security software is working for them so that they do not need to always be on alert to various problems that could put them in danger. The company that produces this software has obtained more than a dozen patents as related to their innovative technologies for data protection and algorithms. One of the company’s most recent innovations is its program that unifies security for containers and functions without servers.

How universally is Twistlock trusted?

Twistlock’s services partner with some of the most important technological companies in the world. They are fully compatible with all Microsoft and Google applications along with a host of lesser known technological companies. In order to have so many partnerships such as these, many companies have recognized the innovative and powerful approach to cyber security that this product performs. Many businesses and individuals all over the world have chosen it as their trusted form of cyber security. Read more about Twistlock here:¬†


This product offers cloud native technology that offers the most thorough and fastest scan of potential threats possible as well as a quick response to all dangerous intruders. The company’s many innovations show that they are always at work to keep people safe from all types of online attacks, and the product is adaptable enough to fight even those that do not exist yet. So, Twistlock is well trusted for its ability to ward off many types of online threats.

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