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The vast and cryptic world of technology is riddled with hazards – enter RedLock. RedLock, a security service that combats said perils, is an efficient tool for diminishing the risks associated with cyber threats. Compliance assurance, security governance, and SOC enablement are their three primary services, with each assuming an integral role in the company’s “cloud security journey.” Using AI-oriented approaches, RedLock strives to safeguard your personals and “accelerate digital business.” With numerous accolades to their name, it’s safe to assume that RedLock delivers on their commitments.

In short, RedLock intends to arm individuals with the tools necessary for digital success. As an institution that wholly understands the complexities of technology, RedLock goes to great lengths to ensure that technology’s uncertainties don’t afflict companies.

Executive Team
At the forefront of RedLock’s operations is a team of driven pioneers. What’s more, RedLock at Aquion is undoubtedly a well-oiled machine thanks to the “security experts” who employ their profound wisdom to devise data-driven initiatives. The following individuals ensure that RedLock is operating at peak performance levels.

  • Varun Bradhwar – co-founder and CEO
  • Gaurav Kumar – co-founder and CTO
  • Wayne Jensen – architect
  • Brandon Conley – sales management
  • Ankur Shah – VP product
  • Andrew Davidson – business management
  • Alok Tongoankar – data science
  • Upa Campbell – marketing

Rooted in collaborative efforts, RedLock grasps the importance of establishing a healthy rapport with clients. Some of their valued partners are as follows.

  • Tevora
  • Critical Start
  • Featured Partners
  • Splunk
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • AWS Technology Partner

Company Reviews
As an organization that’s worth their salt, it’s no wonder RedLock boasts an impressive repertoire of personalized solutions, world-class professionalism, and unbridled ambition. RedLock’s many merits bode well for success, earning them a distinguished reputation in their trade. According to employees, here are some reasons why RedLock is an exceptional place for employment. Read more about RedLock here:

  • The friendly work environment boosts morale
  • The management team is keen to assist
  • Great rewards programs
  • RedLock’s innovative essence fosters ingenuity
  • The organization is passionate about the success of their staffers
  • RedLock maintains a family-centric culture
  • The work schedules are flexible
  • Invariably poised for success

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