Redlock Secures Your Systems

How Can RedLock Secure Your Cloud Systems

One’s cloud system should never be interrupted by any outside activity. That’s why cloud systems are usually protected by cloud security services who can ensure that it will never be vulnerable from any attackers. Most businesses nowadays are in crucial need of these programs to ensure that their business procedures, plans, strategies, new products, and other files will be protected if all of them are stored as a soft-copy. Gladly, RedLock is here to ensure that you will get the right services nowadays if you happen to be a business or a corporation that’s based in Australia.

But how can RedLock provide such advanced services? All you have to do is to find out the different solutions that they can provide to you if you hire them for assistance. You can learn those by reading the details right below:

Compliance Assurance

This is the capability where you can monitor and provide reports on certain compliance for certain policy standards. The program also works wonders when providing compliance because it’s also automated to ensure that there will be no further hassle when doing this. The cloud advisor of Redlock by Aquion will provide the environment to view the violations that you might get under CIS, PCI and HIPAA so then the program will automatically remediate it.

This is all thanks for the control identification features of the program where you an see the plot of your own clod usage and how it is set up for compliance purposes especially when operating multiple cloud services. The dynamic nature of the cloud systems are also often changing, that’s why RedLock will do the catching up so then you can keep your system updated as well as it will review certain profiles in order to discover resources for updating the system’s security. This also has a monitoring and remediation solution to continuously provide services for you. Encryption can automatically be applied under this type of feature as well.

Security Governance

Your company will surely ensure to the right standards of security policies nowadays. Security governance is an extremely difficult task to do because, without it, there will be a lack of control and overview when performing changes over the system. That’s why this system will make sure that drafted security architecture will be provided as a requirement on your own system to enforce utmost protection. When a program arises, RedLock ensures that it will provide a context of the program and develop a solution right away for the best maintenance possible.

SOC Enablement

The SOC features of RedLock allows the program to detect any anomalies, focus on the strongest vulnerabilities and investigate the history of incidents on your cloud resource. The data that exists from vulnerability scanning tools will finally gain actions in order to resolve certain issues such as an IP address’s missing patches. The threat detection levels of this program are capable of ensuring that all security data will be protected upon using RedLock, Redlock is available at Aquion This is all operating using AI in order to disparate sets of data for security such as user activity, threat intelligence, traffic within the network and also configurations for risk control.

RedLock also has a cloud forensics system in order to fully investigate any kinds of problems within the system that can be exploited by attackers. This is done by getting “evidence” for you by sending snapshots so then you can investigate it with the program.

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