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In recent years, Australia has made efforts to beef up its capabilities, including the appointment of a cyber ambassador by the federal government and creating positions for the Prime Minister to receive advice on cyber-security.

Those changes paid off. In 2017, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute ranked Australia second out of 25 nations for capabilities against cyber threats. It came after the United States and tied with Japan.

By recognizing the proficiencies of countries, the report recognized that cybersecurity is a necessity in the modern world. Measures are needed to fully respond to it. One company that is shaping the response to cybersecurity is Rapid7.

Rapid7 is a prolific presence. It is used by over 7,200 groups across 120 countries. Its strength is in its investment in SecOps, a method of protection characterized by aligning the security, IT, and development groups through shared data and tools.

Rapid7 uses Aquion Rapid7 Insight, a platform that gives the capability to achieve SecOps through a three-prong approach: visibility, automation, and analytics. These goals are achieved by specific tasks like securing apps, defending users, detecting attackers, and managing logs.

Using its innovative technology. Rapid7 offers a comprehensive roster of services. These services can either be in strategy or through full-support.

One of the most effective services provided by Rapid7 is in Penetration Testing Services. With this, Rapid7 simulates an attack on a business to help uncover vulnerabilities.

It also offers Advisory Services to come up with concrete and sustainable plans. Rapid7 assesses the status of the company to help identify areas that need to be strengthened. It can also help formulate processes and collaterals that can complement the existing security program.

Cybersecurity is not just about computers and laptops. That perspective has died down as technology evolved. Today’s businesses have a network of smart cars, security cameras, and mobile devices. There is no doubt that connectivity is an advantage.

But, it does carry risks. Each of those connections can be compromised. Rapid7 mitigates the risks by providing IoT Security Services to ensure that those endpoints are protected.

Unfortunately, threats do not always remain threats. In cases where there has been an attack, Rapid7 offers Incident Response Services to investigate and contain the situation. It provides access to a team that will monitor and track any attacks in the system. Rapid7 at https://www.aquion.com.au/ will also develop and response to counter the threat.

Hiring a team of cybersecurity experts is not always feasible. This is where Rapid7 can step it. It offers Managed Services that gives companies access to a team that can handle vulnerability scanning as well as application security. This service is a streamlined way to increase security without putting a strain on resources.

Finally, Rapid7 offers Training and Certification to train security and IT staff.

Rapid7 is named after the Rapid Transit System’s Rapid 7 train in New York. The founders discussed the development of the company during the commute. Today, the speed the founders’ commute is echoed in the way fast response characterizes Rapid7. Its objective is to get results faster and advance the businesses of clients.

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