Crowdstrike In The Finance Industry

How The Finance Industry Uses Crowdstrike

Think of the kinds of firms that would most need to protect the data that they receive. Obviously near the top of that list would have to be the finance industry. They literally receive the data about our personal financial life that is among the most important to us. It is pretty clear that they are going to be held to a pretty high standard when it comes to keep us safe from hackers.

Did you know that five of the top ten financial institutions trust Crowdstrike to keep their data safe? That’s right, financial institutions by and large believe that Crowdstrike is the best way to keep at least some of their data safe. That is a pretty big ringing endorsement from companies that have no room to mess around with this kind of thing.

Crowdstrike knows that financial institutions are the number one target of hackers in the world. This means that hackers tend to use all of their most sophisticated attacks on these institutions. It also means that they are going to throw attack after attack at these places until they are able to get what they want. Crowdstrike at knows that this means that they have to be prepared for an onslaught of complex attacks from a variety of sources all at the same time. They are prepared for this though as they obviously have been able to retain the trust of five of the top ten financial institutions.

There are a lot of regulations that financial institutions are required to follow when they do business. Crowdstrike also understands this and works to make sure that everyone that they do business with has the ability to trust in their work and the fact that they have given it their best effort to keep the organization well within the boundaries that it is supposed to be in with the law.

One of the best features of Crowdstrike for financial institutions is that they have the 24/7 human support to back up what they are doing with their software. This is to say that actual human beings are keeping an eye on things just as much as the technology is. That is critical because most people expect that Crowdstrike can prevent and identify attacks no matter when they spring up. This expectation is met with Crowdstrike, learn more at Aquion

Plenty of information is stored in the cloud now. This is a particularly vulnerable thing because it means that there is a lot of data available for hacking right there at a single source point. It is so very important because it means that hackers are able to take the whole lot with them if they can get into that cloud. Crowdstrike has paid special attention to this to make sure that this does not happen. They are always focused on keeping the cloud itself protected from outside attacks in particular. If that is the kind of thing that matters to you, then you should look into using this company for your cyber security needs.

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