Redlock Secures Your Systems

How Can RedLock Secure Your Cloud Systems

One’s cloud system should never be interrupted by any outside activity. That’s why cloud systems are usually protected by cloud security services who can ensure that it will never be vulnerable from any attackers. Most businesses nowadays are in crucial need of these programs to ensure that their business procedures, plans, strategies, new products, and other files will be protected if all of them are stored as a soft-copy. Gladly, RedLock is here to ensure that you will get the right services nowadays if you happen to be a business or a corporation that’s based in Australia.

But how can RedLock provide such advanced services? All you have to do is to find out the different solutions that they can provide to you if you hire them for assistance. You can learn those by reading the details right below:

Compliance Assurance

This is the capability where you can monitor and provide reports on certain compliance for certain policy standards. The program also works wonders when providing compliance because it’s also automated to ensure that there will be no further hassle when doing this. The cloud advisor of Redlock by Aquion will provide the environment to view the violations that you might get under CIS, PCI and HIPAA so then the program will automatically remediate it.

This is all thanks for the control identification features of the program where you an see the plot of your own clod usage and how it is set up for compliance purposes especially when operating multiple cloud services. The dynamic nature of the cloud systems are also often changing, that’s why RedLock will do the catching up so then you can keep your system updated as well as it will review certain profiles in order to discover resources for updating the system’s security. This also has a monitoring and remediation solution to continuously provide services for you. Encryption can automatically be applied under this type of feature as well.

Security Governance

Your company will surely ensure to the right standards of security policies nowadays. Security governance is an extremely difficult task to do because, without it, there will be a lack of control and overview when performing changes over the system. That’s why this system will make sure that drafted security architecture will be provided as a requirement on your own system to enforce utmost protection. When a program arises, RedLock ensures that it will provide a context of the program and develop a solution right away for the best maintenance possible.

SOC Enablement

The SOC features of RedLock allows the program to detect any anomalies, focus on the strongest vulnerabilities and investigate the history of incidents on your cloud resource. The data that exists from vulnerability scanning tools will finally gain actions in order to resolve certain issues such as an IP address’s missing patches. The threat detection levels of this program are capable of ensuring that all security data will be protected upon using RedLock, Redlock is available at Aquion This is all operating using AI in order to disparate sets of data for security such as user activity, threat intelligence, traffic within the network and also configurations for risk control.

RedLock also has a cloud forensics system in order to fully investigate any kinds of problems within the system that can be exploited by attackers. This is done by getting “evidence” for you by sending snapshots so then you can investigate it with the program.

Crowdstrike In The Finance Industry

How The Finance Industry Uses Crowdstrike

Think of the kinds of firms that would most need to protect the data that they receive. Obviously near the top of that list would have to be the finance industry. They literally receive the data about our personal financial life that is among the most important to us. It is pretty clear that they are going to be held to a pretty high standard when it comes to keep us safe from hackers.

Did you know that five of the top ten financial institutions trust Crowdstrike to keep their data safe? That’s right, financial institutions by and large believe that Crowdstrike is the best way to keep at least some of their data safe. That is a pretty big ringing endorsement from companies that have no room to mess around with this kind of thing.

Crowdstrike knows that financial institutions are the number one target of hackers in the world. This means that hackers tend to use all of their most sophisticated attacks on these institutions. It also means that they are going to throw attack after attack at these places until they are able to get what they want. Crowdstrike at knows that this means that they have to be prepared for an onslaught of complex attacks from a variety of sources all at the same time. They are prepared for this though as they obviously have been able to retain the trust of five of the top ten financial institutions.

There are a lot of regulations that financial institutions are required to follow when they do business. Crowdstrike also understands this and works to make sure that everyone that they do business with has the ability to trust in their work and the fact that they have given it their best effort to keep the organization well within the boundaries that it is supposed to be in with the law.

One of the best features of Crowdstrike for financial institutions is that they have the 24/7 human support to back up what they are doing with their software. This is to say that actual human beings are keeping an eye on things just as much as the technology is. That is critical because most people expect that Crowdstrike can prevent and identify attacks no matter when they spring up. This expectation is met with Crowdstrike, learn more at Aquion

Plenty of information is stored in the cloud now. This is a particularly vulnerable thing because it means that there is a lot of data available for hacking right there at a single source point. It is so very important because it means that hackers are able to take the whole lot with them if they can get into that cloud. Crowdstrike has paid special attention to this to make sure that this does not happen. They are always focused on keeping the cloud itself protected from outside attacks in particular. If that is the kind of thing that matters to you, then you should look into using this company for your cyber security needs.

Rapid7 Benefits


In recent years, Australia has made efforts to beef up its capabilities, including the appointment of a cyber ambassador by the federal government and creating positions for the Prime Minister to receive advice on cyber-security.

Those changes paid off. In 2017, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute ranked Australia second out of 25 nations for capabilities against cyber threats. It came after the United States and tied with Japan.

By recognizing the proficiencies of countries, the report recognized that cybersecurity is a necessity in the modern world. Measures are needed to fully respond to it. One company that is shaping the response to cybersecurity is Rapid7.

Rapid7 is a prolific presence. It is used by over 7,200 groups across 120 countries. Its strength is in its investment in SecOps, a method of protection characterized by aligning the security, IT, and development groups through shared data and tools.

Rapid7 uses Aquion Rapid7 Insight, a platform that gives the capability to achieve SecOps through a three-prong approach: visibility, automation, and analytics. These goals are achieved by specific tasks like securing apps, defending users, detecting attackers, and managing logs.

Using its innovative technology. Rapid7 offers a comprehensive roster of services. These services can either be in strategy or through full-support.

One of the most effective services provided by Rapid7 is in Penetration Testing Services. With this, Rapid7 simulates an attack on a business to help uncover vulnerabilities.

It also offers Advisory Services to come up with concrete and sustainable plans. Rapid7 assesses the status of the company to help identify areas that need to be strengthened. It can also help formulate processes and collaterals that can complement the existing security program.

Cybersecurity is not just about computers and laptops. That perspective has died down as technology evolved. Today’s businesses have a network of smart cars, security cameras, and mobile devices. There is no doubt that connectivity is an advantage.

But, it does carry risks. Each of those connections can be compromised. Rapid7 mitigates the risks by providing IoT Security Services to ensure that those endpoints are protected.

Unfortunately, threats do not always remain threats. In cases where there has been an attack, Rapid7 offers Incident Response Services to investigate and contain the situation. It provides access to a team that will monitor and track any attacks in the system. Rapid7 at will also develop and response to counter the threat.

Hiring a team of cybersecurity experts is not always feasible. This is where Rapid7 can step it. It offers Managed Services that gives companies access to a team that can handle vulnerability scanning as well as application security. This service is a streamlined way to increase security without putting a strain on resources.

Finally, Rapid7 offers Training and Certification to train security and IT staff.

Rapid7 is named after the Rapid Transit System’s Rapid 7 train in New York. The founders discussed the development of the company during the commute. Today, the speed the founders’ commute is echoed in the way fast response characterizes Rapid7. Its objective is to get results faster and advance the businesses of clients.

Redlock Security Service


The vast and cryptic world of technology is riddled with hazards – enter RedLock. RedLock, a security service that combats said perils, is an efficient tool for diminishing the risks associated with cyber threats. Compliance assurance, security governance, and SOC enablement are their three primary services, with each assuming an integral role in the company’s “cloud security journey.” Using AI-oriented approaches, RedLock strives to safeguard your personals and “accelerate digital business.” With numerous accolades to their name, it’s safe to assume that RedLock delivers on their commitments.

In short, RedLock intends to arm individuals with the tools necessary for digital success. As an institution that wholly understands the complexities of technology, RedLock goes to great lengths to ensure that technology’s uncertainties don’t afflict companies.

Executive Team
At the forefront of RedLock’s operations is a team of driven pioneers. What’s more, RedLock at Aquion is undoubtedly a well-oiled machine thanks to the “security experts” who employ their profound wisdom to devise data-driven initiatives. The following individuals ensure that RedLock is operating at peak performance levels.

  • Varun Bradhwar – co-founder and CEO
  • Gaurav Kumar – co-founder and CTO
  • Wayne Jensen – architect
  • Brandon Conley – sales management
  • Ankur Shah – VP product
  • Andrew Davidson – business management
  • Alok Tongoankar – data science
  • Upa Campbell – marketing

Rooted in collaborative efforts, RedLock grasps the importance of establishing a healthy rapport with clients. Some of their valued partners are as follows.

  • Tevora
  • Critical Start
  • Featured Partners
  • Splunk
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • AWS Technology Partner

Company Reviews
As an organization that’s worth their salt, it’s no wonder RedLock boasts an impressive repertoire of personalized solutions, world-class professionalism, and unbridled ambition. RedLock’s many merits bode well for success, earning them a distinguished reputation in their trade. According to employees, here are some reasons why RedLock is an exceptional place for employment. Read more about RedLock here:

  • The friendly work environment boosts morale
  • The management team is keen to assist
  • Great rewards programs
  • RedLock’s innovative essence fosters ingenuity
  • The organization is passionate about the success of their staffers
  • RedLock maintains a family-centric culture
  • The work schedules are flexible
  • Invariably poised for success

Why Crowdstrike Is Ahead Of Time

Why The New Game In Cyber Security Is Identifying Threats Ahead Of Time

There are countless stories of things going wrong in our digital age that have caused a great number of huge companies and other organizations to have to backtrack and submit an apology to their customers because the data of those customers was not adequately protected. In other words, there has already been a lot of bad press for a number of different companies all due to cyber security issues.

No organization wants to be the next to get attacked, but it is virtually impossible to figure out who might be targeted next. We can assume that organizations with the least protections as well as the most potentially interesting or harmful data to steal would be prime targets, but we don’t really know what goes through the mind of a hacker.

Crowdstrike has become the answer to what many organizations are doing to help keep themselves more protected. They have decided that it is worth their money to have the peace of mind that comes with a great set of protective software to keep them safe. This may sound obvious to some who have been in the cyber security industry for some time, but there are others who are just now coming around to this realization.

The services offered by Aquion are both technological as well as human. At Crowdstrike there are human beings who are monitoring the way in which data flows through your company at any given time. At the same time, Crowdstrike has useful and interesting pieces of technology that can help it identify when there appears to be an attack on your technology infrastructure in progress. This can allow the Crowdstrike technology to take out the threat before it becomes more of a problem than it already was.

The people who work for Crowdstrike by Aquion all have extensive backgrounds in cyber security. It makes them more able than most to keep your information safe. You would be surprised by just how much a little help from these guys can go. You may not have to invest in a whole separate IT security team for yourself if you just use their service. In fact, this is one of the greatest benefits of Crowdstrike for the average business. It is an outsourced service that costs a lot less than doing all of this work in-house. At the same time, you can rest assured that the work will be done properly and all around the clock.

Hackers are always at work trying to figure out new ways to steal your data and information. They are clever in what they do, and they are always working to figure out where you are the most vulnerable. They will use any edge that they can find to steal more and more of your information and use it for their own devices. Make sure you are fully protected or else you just might end up being the latest organization to have to issue an apology to the public for the data that has been stolen from you.

Twistlock Cyber Security


Twistlock is a cyber security program that runs entirely using cloud native technology. It completes forensic and support work 24/7 to always keep your data and your network safe from online intruders.


How does Twistlock work?

Twistlock works with any CI tool to scan all vulnerable parts of a network, far beyond what any traditional virus scan is capable of. Once you send your application to Twistlock, the company instantly learns everything it needs to know about your online activity and potential risks. Twistlock at Aquion is then constantly at work to promote appropriate and stable online activity and to fight against any malevolent online behavior that could otherwise put you or your business at risk.

How powerful is Twistlock against online threats?

Using cloud native firewalls, all applications you have running at any given time are monitored and checked for any potential risks of an attack against them. Nevertheless, it does not only secure whatever is open at a given time. It also adapts to all new potential threats to product you from next generation attacks. Its cloud native security ensures that as online attackers become more sophisticated in their efforts, the program will always adapt to those new needs that arise in order to fight whatever new threats begin to present themselves.

What makes Twistlock different from other online security tools?

Cyber security used to be very slow, always depending on a team to manually fix threats. The cloud technology that Twistlock uses, on the other hand, maximizes the speed at which your entire online environment is scanned, threats are detected and problems are removed. This ensures that software users can constantly be confident that their cyber security software is working for them so that they do not need to always be on alert to various problems that could put them in danger. The company that produces this software has obtained more than a dozen patents as related to their innovative technologies for data protection and algorithms. One of the company’s most recent innovations is its program that unifies security for containers and functions without servers.

How universally is Twistlock trusted?

Twistlock’s services partner with some of the most important technological companies in the world. They are fully compatible with all Microsoft and Google applications along with a host of lesser known technological companies. In order to have so many partnerships such as these, many companies have recognized the innovative and powerful approach to cyber security that this product performs. Many businesses and individuals all over the world have chosen it as their trusted form of cyber security. Read more about Twistlock here:


This product offers cloud native technology that offers the most thorough and fastest scan of potential threats possible as well as a quick response to all dangerous intruders. The company’s many innovations show that they are always at work to keep people safe from all types of online attacks, and the product is adaptable enough to fight even those that do not exist yet. So, Twistlock is well trusted for its ability to ward off many types of online threats.

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